Can you afford NOT to have a VA?

It’s interesting seeing posts on social media from time to time, asking for an ‘affordable VA’. The operative word being ‘affordable’. And this can mean many things, depending on where you live, what currency you work with, and what you’re currently earning yourself and so on. It’s really quite relative, isn’t it? What people really[Read More]

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

Recently you would have seen my article about not having two accounts on Facebook. It amazes me just how many people justify why they do it and why they ignore the Terms of Service that Facebook has in place. It doesn’t matter if you have multiple email addresses – I do too! But it does[Read More]

The Value of Professional Development

Regular readers here will know that I often write and talk about the importance of networking and belonging to groups to help build both you, and your business. I came across a post today, written by fellow long-time VA, Kathy Colaiacovo who is based in Canada. She shares about Professional Development: How One Membership brought her[Read More]

Struggling to find clients?

This post applies to anyone in business, not just Virtual Assistants. But it is advice that I give to new VAs who are seeking to grow their client base for their businesses. One such VA posted recently on a Facebook group that she was struggling to find clients who were as serious about business as[Read More]

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