Are Virtual Assistants Good or Bad for Business?

I recently answered this question at Quora and thought I’d bring the discussion here on my own site.  My answer was in response to the inference that they could be damaging to someone’s business. And there seems to me, that some think you just engage a VA when you want something done – they don’t[Read More]

The importance of building up others

I’ve been feeling a bit down of late. A couple of pieces of sad news had come my way and things have been going somewhat crazy in my own life and business. I haven’t been feeling as much in control of my time as I usually like to be and also had to take over[Read More]

Tips For Working Your Job At Home

Talk of the coronavirus is rife at the time of writing this post. We’re about 10 weeks or so into when the virus began to break out into the world. No-one knew what it might mean in their countries and at home, and we’re, as yet, to learn how long this might go on for.[Read More]

With all this craziness – we’re still here!

The economy has gone crazy with what’s happening around the world in relation to the coronavirus but I wanted to let our client base know that we’re still here. No-one knows how this is going to play out but there are still businesses running, there is still work being done, and there are many of[Read More]

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