Can’t find the right VA?

Perhaps it’s not the VAs that are the problem… recently I became aware of a ‘serial’ client seeking yet another VA to support them in their business. I sighed. It meant they had yet lost another VA for support to their business. This has been an ongoing issue for this client for some time. I[Read More]

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

Recently you would have seen my article about not having two accounts on Facebook. It amazes me just how many people justify why they do it and why they ignore the Terms of Service that Facebook has in place. It doesn’t matter if you have multiple email addresses – I do too! But it does[Read More]

Usernames in social media

I’ve always worked with the same username on many social media tools, where possible, to develop a footprint on the web. That way if people Google my username they can find where I am online and the different places I’ve been active. How about you? Do you do the same? I encourage you to think[Read More]

Struggling to find clients?

This post applies to anyone in business, not just Virtual Assistants. But it is advice that I give to new VAs who are seeking to grow their client base for their businesses. One such VA posted recently on a Facebook group that she was struggling to find clients who were as serious about business as[Read More]

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