Can you afford NOT to have a VA?

It’s interesting seeing posts on social media from time to time, asking for an ‘affordable VA’. The operative word being ‘affordable’. And this can mean many things, depending on where you live, what currency you work with, and what you’re currently earning yourself and so on. It’s really quite relative, isn’t it? What people really[Read More]

Facebook down?

Have you been missing Facebook? Many of us haven’t had access to it for close to 24 hours – it’s been down. So has Instagram for that matter. Now, that’s all well and good, it’s only a social media tool, right? Wrong! Many use it for marketing. But what if that is your ONLY form[Read More]

Celebrating 25 years in business

Next Sunday, 24 March 2019, marks 25 years in business for me. My husband is going to take me out to celebrate. Have I made millions a year? No, although I can say it’s been a healthy amount over that period of time. Enough to help support and feed our family, pay for office equipment,[Read More]

Struggling to find clients?

This post applies to anyone in business, not just Virtual Assistants. But it is advice that I give to new VAs who are seeking to grow their client base for their businesses. One such VA posted recently on a Facebook group that she was struggling to find clients who were as serious about business as[Read More]