Can you afford NOT to have a VA?

It’s interesting seeing posts on social media from time to time, asking for an ‘affordable VA’. The operative word being ‘affordable’. And this can mean many things, depending on where you live, what currency you work with, and what you’re currently earning yourself and so on. It’s really quite relative, isn’t it? What people really[Read More]

The importance of building up others

I’ve been feeling a bit down of late. A couple of pieces of sad news had come my way and things have been going somewhat crazy in my own life and business. I haven’t been feeling as much in control of my time as I usually like to be and also had to take over[Read More]

Jobs or roles? What are you seeking?

I love hanging out in the different VA forums to see what is being discussed, what’s the latest trend, and what else I might be able to learn. Along the way, I share of my own experiences and knowledge, and hopefully am helpful to a few, or many. In a recent post a new VA[Read More]

Where do you find your clients?

I see VAs in many Facebook groups asking how they can find clients and that they’ve tried everything. The answers they often get are ‘Facebook, LinkedIn’ and other online places. For me it’s not just about online but it is very much about where people can be found. Just thought I’d share with you where[Read More]

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