Can you afford NOT to have a VA?

It’s interesting seeing posts on social media from time to time, asking for an ‘affordable VA’. The operative word being ‘affordable’. And this can mean many things, depending on where you live, what currency you work with, and what you’re currently earning yourself and so on. It’s really quite relative, isn’t it? What people really[Read More]

The importance of building up others

I’ve been feeling a bit down of late. A couple of pieces of sad news had come my way and things have been going somewhat crazy in my own life and business. I haven’t been feeling as much in control of my time as I usually like to be and also had to take over[Read More]

I want to make…

In some groups online I see new, or relatively new VAs talking about how much they want to earn a month and when by.  I can see why they do it – putting it out there and the universe (may) help you get there. But sometimes, just sometimes, the figures mentioned are probably beyond achievable[Read More]

Networking isn’t just about building a business…

It’s also about companionship.  Most of us come from a job – a place where we are amongst many people and then when we venture out on our own, suddenly we’re alone. No wonder many VAs return to a job in the first or second year of their business. It’s not always about whether they’re[Read More]

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