Can’t find the right VA?

Perhaps it’s not the VAs that are the problem… recently I became aware of a ‘serial’ client seeking yet another VA to support them in their business. I sighed. It meant they had yet lost another VA for support to their business. This has been an ongoing issue for this client for some time. I[Read More]

Being a Virtual Assistant means you are a business owner

This post is a bit of a rant, but I see so many misnomers on discussion groups about people wanting to become a VA but not put in the commitment it requires. Below is a recent post I made. I want to clear something up. There’s a fallacy that it costs nothing to become a[Read More]

Struggling to find clients?

This post applies to anyone in business, not just Virtual Assistants. But it is advice that I give to new VAs who are seeking to grow their client base for their businesses. One such VA posted recently on a Facebook group that she was struggling to find clients who were as serious about business as[Read More]

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